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Preston's New Digital Billboard Goes LIVE!

Preston's newest digital billboard has gone live this week. Whilst it might look similar to others you might see in cities like Liverpool, Manchester and London, it's a little different to most...

Our first billboard to launch in the city is EXCLUSIVELY for small and local businesses. You won't see ads for Coca-Cola, Apple, or other big brands here. We want to give a voice to local businesses, which is why all of the 12 advertising slots available are reserved solely for Lancashire-based organisations.

Located on Preston's busiest route into the city, the A6, London Road, the billboard is passed by 1.75 million people every month. That's made up of over 32,000 vehicles every day. It's a staggeringly big audience for local businesses to share their message with.

Businesses who sign up to promote their business on Preston's new digital billboard will get an entire month of free advertising in December.

Speaking of the launch, Clearglow Media's Kristian Ball commented,

We're incredibly excited to launch Preston's first digital billboard, exclusively for small businesses.
For too long big brands have had the monopoly on digital out of home advertising due to the eye-watering costs of delivering a campaign. We want to change that, by making digital billboard advertising affordable for all businesses.

Clearglow Media's model intends to disrupt the traditional digital outdoor advertising model. Instead of charging thousands of pounds for a two-week campaign, which is not uncommon in big cities, Clearglow Media will make it possible for local businesses to advertise all round for a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about Preston's newest digital billboard, which is exclusively for use by Lancashire businesses, click here.

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