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landlords, we need you...

Do you have a property which you'd like to earn more income from? 

Turn unused land into a passive income stream, with very little effort.

If you think your location fits the profile for a digital advertising site, get in touch.


Read on to understand what makes a great digital billboard location.   

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What makes an ideal advertising location?

Image by Gonzalo Facello

is your property an ideal advertising 

You don't have to own prime real estate in Picadilly Circus to generate revenue from digital out of home advertising. You simply need to own a property near a road with a high volume of passing traffic.

Key Criteria:

  • You own the property or have authority to grant permission to install a digital billboard.

  • The property is on a busy road into a town or city.

  • Building has wall space suitable for a large digital billboard or ground space large enough to install a screen on a mast.

  • You want to earn an additional income with little effort.  

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Think your property might be suitable to earn recurring income from digital advertising? Contact us for an informal discussion.  

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